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Our company deals with various projects, which include both residential and commercial roofing. We can either help you as a separate homeowner to fix, repair or install a new roof or do the same jobs for a block of flats, condos or even office buildings. This means that in our work we use both the International Residential Code or the International Building Code.

Services We Deliver

We work with different types of materials, so the list of our services is pretty substantial. If you have any questions or you can’t find a service you need on this list, you might want to contact us.

  • Flat commercial roofs.
    Not all of the commercial roofs are flat, but it’s the best option you can have for different large buildings. The most obvious disadvantage of those is that you have to constantly maintain them, while you can have more wiggle room with residential buildings.
  • Different residential roofing projects.
    We can do almost any type of roof you have. Whether it’s a hip to hip plan, gable to gable or even a T-plan, we can cope with those. Years of our experience tell us that there isn’t any type of roof we can’t install.
  • Rubber roofing.
    Rubber surfaces is a great choice for those people who want their roof to serve them for a long period of time. It’s really weather resistant and waterproof. It’s the best choice for a flat roof or the one without high spikes. It can also be a choice for commercial roofing.
  • Metal roofing.
    Those have many positive qualities, but they can be off budget for many people. The best part is that they don’t require frequent maintenance and look quite well. If you’re looking for a long term solution, it’s a good offer, as those pay off pretty well due to their cooling capacity.
  • Getting and estimating the costs of your materials.
    We will buy your materials (we might even deliver them if you need it) or help you find the proper ones. In our office you can get a really detailed consultation on your possible materials, where our professional will help you estimate your budget too.
  • Fixing old leakages.
    If you’re experiencing any issues with your current roof, we can fix those for you. We can also tell you what your issues are and where they locate if you can’t find a leakage yourself. If you need roof cleaning, we perform those too.

We are proud to serve people and help them create a comfortable atmosphere inside their living areas. We also enjoy being able to work with different companies and offices. Always trying to do our best, we have a long list of happy satisfied customers who know that our company will take care of everything.