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The Most Common Roof Areas That Cause Deterioration in WV
The Most Common Roof Areas That Cause Deterioration in WV
August 14, 2017

When your roof needs repair, you are in a high-risk pricey affair. It’s hard to find good contractors and hard to ensure your next repair will last you longer. This is why it’s crucial to know the weakest spots of any roof. That would help you choose right materials when you turn to your local Martinsburg’s roof repair service.

Problematic Areas of Any Roof

  • Roof trim.
    It’s also called fascia if you like architectural terms. This is a very aesthetic area that also is highly exposed to moisture. It deteriorates really fast if a company does a poor installation. You have to try to find the best roofing company in Martinsburg which will do a good job with your trim.
  • Rain gutters.
    Those cause many issues, but it’s good that you don’t have to look for companies doing roof repair to fix those. The most common this is that you have plenty of debris in your gutters, which you can easily clean yourself. Be careful with that debris, they might make your gutters sag a little bit. But you just have to reattach your hangers firmer (just hammer them to your fascia) and you’re done.
  • Your soffit.
    Those are usually made from vinyl and even though this is a pretty tough material, little bugs or animals or even some weather conditions can ruin it. A soffit is a crucial part of your house that helps it stay ventilated. Call in professionals to check out how your soffit is doing. Without it, heat and moisture would stay in your attic on just in your house. That would also raise your expenditures on air conditioning.
  • Shingles.
    Any owner of a shingle roof has to turn to a roofing contractor in Martinsburg to get help with those. If you notice that your shingles are starting to curl, it’s a sign that you have to fix them immediately. If you don’t do that on time, your roof will deteriorate really fast. Disappearing coloring is also a common issue, sometimes it’s not even purely aesthetic. If your house has a shingle roof, you have to check it from time to time. A good part is that you can fix many shingles yourself, so it won’t cost that much.

It’s fairly easy to prevent any issues in those areas. It might be harder for those people who live in moister areas, as most of those problems are caused by moisture and water. For a story about a Two-Story Addition Case Study, give that a good read. You have to check on your roof from time to time to make sure everything is okay there. If you see any issues, you need to contact roofers in Martinsburg to help you.

Deciding to Install a Flat Roof: Your Pros and Cons
Deciding to Install a Flat Roof: Your Pros and Cons
July 28, 2017

When you’re deciding on a type of roofing, you have to include a number of factors. One of the latest options you could use in residential roofing is getting a flat roof, which is really popular in some areas of the country. Flat roof used to be primarily a commercial option, but now you can find construction companies in Martinsburg WV who will take up this job. This type of roof has its advantages and disadvantages.

Reasons Why You Definitely Should Have a Flat Roof

  • It’s cheap. Like, really cheap.
    People tend to think of roof repair or installation as of something really expensive. But that doesn’t have to be this way with a flat roof. It won’t cost you as much, in fact, it would be 2-3 times cheaper than a metal or shingle roof.
  • You will have plenty of space upstairs.
    Any roofing contractor in Martinsburg will tell you that the best part of having a flat roof is that you can actually save plenty of space for a second floor. That is a big problem for those houses that need more space upstairs, or for people who are tired of those tiny attic rooms.
  • They can look really aesthetic.

It depends on a style of your building, but if you choose your options correctly, you can aim for the best look.

  • The initial installation is also really simple.
    Martinsburg’s best roofers‎ can easily cope with a task like that, and an installation won’t cost you that much. The process is much simpler and less traumatic for workers, especially if you compare it to some high pitch roofs.
  • You can install a solar panel.
    You can really save up with those and a flat roof allows you to put more of those, practically invisible. Your roof will also be under the sun for a whole day, so this way those panels will be really effective. Maybe this is a reason why people in warmer countries do choose those.
  • Or do some gardening.
    If you’re a green person, you can start turning your roof green after your local roofers in Martinsburg finish your upgrade. That would look really cool and be interesting for you.

Negative Factors You Have to Consider

  • They are high-maintenance.
  • If you ignore the previous factor, it will cost you a lot.
    There are many companies that do roof repair Martinsburg WV, but calling in those will cost you a penny. If you fail to do your maintenance frequently, you will end up with some leakages. Flat roofs are more prone to that due to the fact that water doesn’t come down that fast.
  • You might experience larger electricity bills.
    Or they might destroy your benefit with a solar panel, just for the same reason. Places with a flat roof tend to be hotter inside, so you will spend more on conditioning. That is not a big deal for commercial roofing, and that is why it’s not a problem to find a commercial metal roofing company contractor Martinsburg WV.
  • You will probably lose on your insurance.
    Your insurance company probably knows that this type of roofing needs more maintenance and they won’t be happy with your choice. This means that you will probably have to pay for Martinsburg’s roof replacement They might cover a small part of your repair process, but that would be a tiny part.

As you see, this type of roof has many benefits as well as many disadvantages. That’s the exact reason why it’s probably the most controversial type of roofing you can get. It frequently needs updates and repairs, so you will have to spend more anyway. But it allows you have more space and do some really cool activities on a rooftop. An idea with a green roof is priceless and it can be a hobby for those who are excited about gardening and making the planet a better place.